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Laing & Associates is a law firm based in Durban, which offers our clients a multitude of legal services. The firm was founded in 1986, We have just over 30 years experience...

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Criminal Cases

We offer our clients bail applications, trial services, appeals, review applications, applications for the challenging and setting aside of search and arrest warrants, Assisting individuals and corporations with investigating and initiating criminal prosecutions, asset forfeiture proceedings and after-hour bail applications.


We offer our clients A variety of conveyancing services. A conveyancer is an attorney who is admitted by the high court as such and specializes in assisting buyers and sellers with the legal aspects of transferring properties, registration of bonds, bond cancellations and property developments.

Legal Dispute

Laing & Associates offers services to clients in all disputes. Our services support private sector, public sector, mediation, litigation & alternative dispute resolutions.

Our Services

From its inception, the firm made a conscious effort to escape the fate of most black law practices doomed to survive in the criminal courts of our country. A conscientious decision was made at an early stage of its development to make the conveyancing and civil litigation department the main focus of the practice — a decision that has proved to be most prudent. Over the years the implementation of this policy has resulted in the firm being able to offer its clients a range of core legal services




Practice Area

No matter how big or small the case, every client receives the best service possible. Our attorney has the skills to help you get the settlement you deserve.

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Road Accident Fund

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Experienced Law Firm, Established in 1986

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